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Lukas Graham 30 September 2019

Lukas Graham Lie on Lebah Musik

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03:05 minute
440 dislikes

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Download Lukas Graham - Lie [OFFICIAL LYRICS VIDEO] yang berdurasi 03:05 menit dengan High Quality Audio MP3 dan HD Video MP4 3GP, di-upload oleh Lukas Graham pada tanggal 30 September 2019. Dapatkan lagu dan video secara gratis, mudah, dan cepat hanya di Lebah Musik!

Judul: Lukas Graham Lie
User: Lukas Graham
Nama file audio: lukas-graham-lie.mp3
Nama file video: lukas-graham-lie.mp4
Dipublikasikan tanggal: 30 September 2019
Size: 4.17 MB - 52.7 MB
Duration: 03:05
Type of file: Audio MP3 (.mp3) dan Video Film MPEG-4
Saluran audio: Stereo, 128kbps - 320kbps
Laju sampel: 44,1 kHz

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Director Gus Black
Producer Gus Black
Production Company AGP Films

So much for supposed to be’s
Girl I wish you luck gettin’ over me
And supposedly
You’re with him but wish you were holding me
You wish you were holding me

Isn’t it
Isn’t it something
Whenever you touch him
You don’t feel nothin’
Isn’t it something
How quickly your honesty
Just turns into make believe
It turns into make believe

How dare you lie
To my face
You can’t say
You’re fine now

Said you’d never call again
Guess it didn’t go how you imagined it
I know what it is
All that time with him you were wanting this
Yeah you were wanting this

Isn’t it
Isn’t it something
How easy you fall in
Like he was nothing
Isn’t it something
How quickly your meant to be’s
Just turned into history
They turned into history

How dare you lie
To my face
You can’t say
You’re fine now

You said he was perfect
You said it was workin’
You said you were certain
Now why would you lie
It’s okay look into my eyes and let’s agree
You’ve been lying to yourself not just to me

How dare you lie
To my face
You can’t say
You’re fine now

Lie by Lukas Graham, Official Lyric Video

lukasgraham lie lyricvideo

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